Many people live their lives feeling stuck, wondering if they've run out of possibilities.

They're not.
And they haven't.

Feeling stuck simply means you need to see the bigger picture of who you are, what you’re doing and where you’re going.


Unless you know where you're going, you'll never align your life with your potential.


People are looking for something to inspire the potential and possibility back into them.

How I Partner With You


Discover Your Power

My coaching helps you see that the story you’ve lived, the passions you have, and the skills you’ve developed are working in your favor.



You just need to discover what that means for you.

Unlock Your Story

My coaching gives you the direction you need to understand the value in your story and how it’s unique from any other.



You need to know your story, so that you see your potential.

Explore New Paths

My coaching helps you explore new paths, try new things, stretch yourself, write your book, volunteer, start that business, go on that mission trip or… you fill in the blank.



You need permission to explore!

I believe God has called each of us to greatness. Mediocrity is not a plan God has for us.

  – Vickie Bakken

Give Yourself Permission to Explore