Helping you find your sweet spot and getting rid of second-best.

You are unique, created for a specific purpose.

Beyond diplomas...

I have been a boss and an employee. I’ve been a leader, a follower, a teammate, and an entrepreneur. I have gone through my own journey of finding my purpose and discovering my uniqueness. I’ve led people through transition, through difficulty, through job change, through personal and professional crisis and through corporate climates where they don’t trust their leadership. I’ve led people who didn’t know who they were or where they were going. I’ve led people who didn’t know they were leaders.

I help people find themselves, their sweet spot, and the potential that’s hiding within them.

In over 500 hours of coaching, I’ve discovered that people are curious about…

  • their potential and whether it is still in there somewhere
  • their story and whether it will all make sense someday
  • what makes them unique
  • what’s next in their story

My Credentials?

I have an undergraduate degree in Communications, a graduate degree in Organizational Leadership and extensive study in personal leadership. I have coaching credentials from the International Coaching Academy in Australia and credentials in Narrative Coaching.

Find What's Next

Career Planning

It's not just about finding what you want to do, it's about finding who you are.

Life Balance

A life that's out of balance often comes from a life that's out of focus. By finding focus, you find your balance.

Life Purpose

Discovering who you are is about knowing where you've been, how you got to where you are, and what brought you to life along the way.

Strategic Life Planning

For Retirees and Restarters: SLP is about setting a course and finding the team of people and resources to help make it possible.

Goal Setting

The long-term and short-term goals you set are a reflection of what inspires you and what motivates you.

Writing Direction & Creative Planning

Inspiration is often found when we give ourselves permission to paint outside the lines. That permission comes from confidence.

My greatness is different from your greatness, so wear your mantle and not someone else's. In other words, be who God created you to be!

  – Vickie Bakken

Core Values Discovery Exercise

This is about discovering who you are and then deciding who you will be. The discovery process is about unpacking what’s important to you, what success looks like, and how you’ll know when you’ve attained it. It’s the beginning to understanding your passions, your potential, and your power.

Curiosity-Infused Conversation

This type of conversation breaks the rules and allows you to wander, wonder, and ask why. It let’s you dream and play in your mind, wondering ‘what if?’ and ‘how about this?’ Mostly it pokes at opportunities and asks “Why not?” It’s hard to back down when you are faced with so many possibilities.


This isn’t about my process. It’s about your journey. It means that you steer the conversation, and my role as the coach is to help your genius come out and identify what is right for you. I might challenge you, but you decide if you want to dig deeper. My mission is to inspire and encourage you. All of my encounters are designed to acknowledge who you are created to become (we never stop growing), to help you gain a high level of selfawareness that will empower you to be your personal best. It takes intentionality and it take discipline.